I was recently given the opportunity to present Sovereign Stack at PlebLab's Startup Day, just before the BitBlockBoom conference in Austin TX.

I was recently given an opportunity to present my project Sovereign Stack to the PlebLab_ in Austin TX. They hosted a Startup Day just prior to the BitBlockBoom conference. What an amazing opportunity! Here's the link:

PlebLab Startup Day, Tue, Aug 22, 2023, 8:30 AM | Meetup
We’re excited to welcome you to the **PlebLab Startup Day** on **August 22nd, 2023**. As our second event of the year, we’re eager to provide a platform for innovative proj

And here are the slides I used for the talk. The slides follow the general structure of the website. Those listening can follow along on the website as I go through the slides.

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