I run a public lightning node at btcpay.farscapian.com available on ipv4 and Torv3 endpoints. This node is intended primarily to provide Lightning capabilities to all my various websites, all of which are configured to use btcpay.farscapian.com. My goal gaenerally is to keep my channels mostly balanced while earning revenue from my various websites.

I am still learning how to operate a reliable and well balanced node! I am especially weak on liquidity management. So please bear with me as I learn and think about these problems and how to solve them within Sovereign Stack. 

All my websites are configured use this node for Bitcoin functionality. Each website uses the liquidity provided by the lightning node to perform Bitcoin invoicing on the websites.

If you you have a channel open with me and you're having trouble re-balancing, please feel free to contact me.



IPv4 Endpoint

You can open a channel to me on the IPv4 endpoint (PREFERRRED).


BOLT12 Offer

Already support BOLT12? If so, send me a tip.