Old City ₿itcoiners is a Bitcoin-only meetup in St. Augustine and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. One of the objectives of this site is to minimize the reliance on meetup.com for organizing a meetup. I use open source software to provide coordination features similar to Meetup.com!

If you're interested in staying informed, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. I have REMOVED all email newsletter functionality from the site and have gone RSS-only. RSS keeps the user in control. It also makes it so I don't have to collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as names and/or email addresses. Plus, I don't have to pay for an email provider! Squashing those TTP vulnerabilities left and right! Nice!

Old City Bitcoiners uses Nextcloud for calendaring functionality. Users can even subscribe via webcal in their calendar client which I think is the definitely the way to go! Your calendar app on your phone will automatically refresh with new Bitcoin & Beer events! Sweet!

I'm also in the process of integrating Nostr into Sovereign Stack. Nostr is an interesting Twitter-like replacement, but it's more like a general-purpose censorship-resistant messaging service. I'll be using it to all Social-like features: commenting, encrypted chat, etc.. The ecosystem is still under heavy development, and I'm working on making improvements to my various websites to better support Nostr, including adding a Nostr relay requiring Lightning payments for service. All revenue from providing this service will be applied to the monthly crowdfunding goals of the meetup.

The Old City Bitcoiners website leverages my BTC Pay Server at btcpay.farscapian.com to accept bitcoin. These funds help offset the operational costs of running the meetup. Lightning payments are the only option available to users. I no longer share Bitcoin receiving addresses with the public due to their on-chain doxicity.

Check out the site today! It's a great case study for monetizing a Bitcoin meetup!

If you appreciate all of my hard work in organizing this meetup and associated efforts like the Old City Bitcoiners website, please consider leaving me a tip. Of course, I always encourage people to donate to the Old City Bitcoiners crowdfund so I can meet my operating expenses first! 🙏