I was recently given the opportunity by base58's Niftynei to present LNPlay at Bitcoin++ Buenos Aires.

I've been working hard with Justin Rocket in Top Builder to advance LNPlay. We createdlnplay.guide which provides documentation and guidance for those wanting to host an LNPlay simulation of their own. The website also contains Getting Started information for those participating in a simulation.

Aside from documenting the project with lnplay.guide, we created lnwidget.guide to advance the project. The goal of lnwidget.guide is to provide a Getting Started Guide for doing front-end development with Core Lightning's REST interface. It also includes a mechanism to perform CLN plugin development.

There's a lot more to know! Head over to LNPlay.guide and lnwdiget.guide to learn more!

Like lnplay.guide and its sister website lnwidget.guide? If so,