Sovereign Stack is a complete network architecture and software system that allows you to create and self-host Bitcoin-native websites.

Sovereign Stack scripts are meant to be executed on a management machine. When run, the scripts allow you to spawn new Virtual Machines (VMs) on a remote server situated on a DMZ in your network. The VMs attach to the network underlay to provide services to authorized clients or can be exposed to the Internet for a public website.

After creating the VMs, Sovereign Stack configures and installs dependencies in the VM using SSH and then deploys several applications to them using docker. Everything is coordinated by configuration files generated and stored on the management machine.

Sovereign Stack uses a combination of Incus, cloud-init, docker engine, and docker swarm (among other open-source projects) to create your websites. Once deployed, you have all the infrastructure needed to create one or more Bitcoin-native websites of your own, all backed by one or more Bitcoin full nodes.

WARNING! Sovereign Stack is still under heavy development and should be used for TESTING for most people. Do your due diligence. I am not responsible for any of your funds! It is your responsibility to VERIFY the code before running anything in production! Don't trust, verify!

Basically Sovereign Stack allows you to quickly deploy one or more fresh websites at different domains, all with the necessary infrastructure available so the sites can be Bitcoin/Lightning-enabled. Cool! The scripts are designed to perform life cycle management as well including backup and restoration of user data as well as system migrations. The scripts also manage your public TLS certificates using LetsEncrypt.

I've used these scripts to create the various websites I own and operate.

Want to learn more about Sovereign Stack? Check out today. It's very much a work in progress!

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