I'm developing a set of bash scripts and small or home office architecture which I'm calling Sovereign Stack. I hope to present it soon at an Old City Bitcoiners Sovereign Seminar event! At the moment, I'm switching between working on the code and developing the website.

Sovereign Stack scripts are meant to be executed on a management machine. When run, the scripts allow you to spawn new Type-1 Virtual Machines (VMs) on a remote server.

You can host VMs on your management machine if it has two physical network connections that terminate on different IP subnets.

The scripts then configures and installs dependencies on theVM, then deploys a number of applications to it. Everything is coordinated by configuration files. Sovereign Stack uses a combination of LXD, cloud-init, docker engine, and docker swarm to provision various app-level containers, which when combined give you the desired effect.

What applications can you deploy to these VMs? Well right now I can deploy Ghost, Nextcloud, and Gitea. Sovereign Stack scripts can deploy BTCPay Server and Umbrel as separate VMs! Services are integrated into a deployable unit and accessible across the various Type-I VMs that have been created.

Basically Sovereign Stack allows you to quickly deploy a fresh website that has all the necessary infrastructure available so it can be Lightning-enabled. Cool! The scripts are designed to perform life cycle management activities as well, such as backup/restore and TLS certificate renewals.

I've used these scripts to create the various websites I own and operate.

Want to learn more about Sovereign Stack? Check out sovereign-stack.org today. It's very much a work in progress! Don't even expect it to be up all the time!

I work hard to produce software and documentation to hopefully help on-board more people to the Bitcoin Network. If you appreciate this work, consider leaving me a tip.