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Welcome to my website. It’s pretty basic.

I’ll be blogging about some of my technical side projects as time permits. Most of my time is currently dedicated to my project Bitcoin Cache Machine on Github.  Check it out! It’s a software-defined data center designed to deploy on x86_64, one a single computer or many. Goal is to allow as many as possible to host their own Bitcoin and Lightning server-side infrastructure!

These are usually security or bitcoin or privacy oriented. Right now with Docker Swarm (>=v3.2 `docker stack`) style commands. I’ve gotten heavy into Docker and Docker Swarm, LXD, and other ways to software-define everything. I’ve been playing around with LXD system containers, MACVLAN, VXLAN, etc. I’ll blog about these various projects while making them open source on this website, or some decentralized alternative.


You can contact me on Keybase.

  • Twitter (public posts, DMs have been disabled)
  • Keybase (You can get a hold of me by visiting the Keybase chat room for Bitcoin Cache Machine)
  • Github